In other words, this means that we prefer to offer you a digital version of our full menu via the QR code on the last page of this flyer and on your table rather than printing thousands of multi-page menus that are certainly much nicer, attractive, and easy to read, but which unfortunately are very bad for our planet. Like any other action in Healthy’s daily life, whether it leads to offering a menu with seasonal products or limiting the irrational consumption of meat, animal products, fat, and sugar, our primary concern is always to offer you more gourmet and vegetarian options (yes, these can be combined), to feed positive, “green” energy to our restaurant, and to try to find what else can be improved so that we continue to meet your requirements and our own philosophy. So, knowing that it would seem a little “ugly” to some, we created this menu, printed in a small quantity on recycled paper with fewer pictures, colors, chemicals, and plastics. However, for us, there is no better option!